A File-Based & Open Source Content Management System.

Feindura is a Open Source flat file based Content Management System.

Perfect for small web sites and just pretty!


  • All the SEO you need
    • Pretty URLs
    • Sitemap Files
    • Social Meta Tags
  • Edit content with ease
    • Easy to use interface
    • Full WYSIWYG
    • Integrated Statistics
    • Multi-language backend
    • Manage your files online
    • Plugins - add more functionality
    • Backup system
    • Add RSS 2.0/Atom Feeds
    • Edit your CSS or other files
  • Get your web site right like you want it!
    • Just HTML,CSS and a little PHP
    • No database
    • HTML 5 ready
    • Create multilanguage web sites
    • Vistors timezone
    • Add custom styles for your clients
    • Create plugins
    • Create your own apps
    • Add code snippets to any page