A free web CMS with no database, quick and easy to set up.

Get a website online in minutes, and focus on your sites design and content not its technology.


  • No database (flat) CMS, written in PHP, aiming to be both super simple to use (for non techies too) and flexible enough to be used for making any kind of website.

  • A totally responsive 'administration' section will allow for a website manager to edit the website from their phone or tablet as well as their everyday computer.

  • With support for themes (but including a few sensible ones to start you of with) you can make your flot website completely your own.

  • A plugin architecture will make extending it easy, should you wish to make anything more than a quick, simple website.

  • Optimised for speed, to be as fast as possible, letting you focus on just writing great content and not the technology behind it. Your sites pages will be compressed and minified as best as your webserver allows, flot will also understand your server, and give you instructions on what you (or your webhost) might change to increase performance (don't worry, this is optional).

  • Fleixble taxonomies (data types) will make adding webpages that make sense to your website easy, e.g. make a hotel room page, or a product page, or a cake recipe page, each with their own page chosen page parts like text or image galleries or links etc.

  • A Hybrid static/dynamic architecture means you get the benefits of a data driven website (being able to login and change the website, without touching code), but also the benefits of a static site (speed, and the benefits of no database).

  • Despite storing the content you enter (web page content, images, etc), flot doesn't need a database. This is great. It means one less security risk, one less 'thing' to set up, one less thing to migrate if you move your site, and getting web hosting will be cheaper, easier, and even more environmentally friendly.