A modern open source flat-file CMS.

Packed to the gills with amazing features and tools, coupled with heaps of detailed documention, Grav will make you look like a hero developer!


  • Enjoyable Content Creation

    Use your favorite Markdown editor to create your content online or offline

  • Package Manager

    Allows you to find, install, and easily update extensions and themes for Grav

  • Powerful Caching

    Grav automatically knows when you change things and updates its cache

  • Flexible Taxonomies

    Create unlimited taxonomies such as tags, categories, and authors to manage your content

  • Dynamic Fields

    The flat-file nature of Grav lets you dynamically create custom fields for any page

  • Multi-Language Support

    A simple mechanism for building sites in multiple languages, built in...

  • Extensive Documentation

    Documentaiton is not an afterthought! Grav has a dedicated documentation site plus loads of tutorials and guides.