Phrozn is static site generator written in PHP.

You write text files in your favorite format (Textile, Markdown, Twig, Haml etc), in your favorite environment (Vim, Vim, or Vim etc), spice them with styles (again, in format of your choice - CSS, LESS, or SASS), feed all this to Phrozn, and it will create static HTML site ready to be published.


  • Complete Supports input files in Twig, Textile, Markdown, and LESS format.

  • Extensible Supported text processors are not enough for you? Create your own - it is really simple!

  • Easy to use Only couple of commands to learn and you'll be able to use Phrozn efficiently in no time.

  • Modern No love for pre PHP 5.3 hosts, Phrozn requires PHP 5.3+ and relies on it heavily.

  • Robust Phrozn is strictly tested. Check code coverage and see for yourself!

  • Solid Foundation Whenever possible wheel reinvention was avoided. Phrozn uses code from well-written and well-known projects including PEAR, Zend Framework 2, Symfony 2, Twig, Pirum.

Why Phrozn?

For those who are new to static site generators, here is why you may want to use them:

  • Fast: Static HTML pages load blazingly fast.

  • Safe: Static pages are inherently safe. No code executed server-side.

  • Trivial Deployment: No need to worry about server-side configuration - any web-server will do.

  • Version Control: Since input pages are simple text files, you can version them, and re-generate whole site from any point in the past.

  • Format Agnostic: Enter text in your favorite format, in your favorite text editor.