Pico is a stupidly simple & blazing fast, flat file CMS.

Phile is a flat file CMS, this means there is no administration backend and database to deal with.

You simply create .md files in the "content" folder and that becomes a page.


  • Stupidly Simple

    Picos makes creating and maintaining a website as simple as editing text files.

  • Blazing Fast

    Pico is seriously lightweight and doesn't use a database, making it super fast.

  • No Database

    Pico is a "flat file" CMS, meaning no database woes, no MySQL queries, nothing.

  • Markdown Formatting

    Edit your website in your favourite text editor using simple Markdown formatting.

  • Twig Templates

    Pico uses the Twig templating engine, for powerful and flexible themes.

  • Open Source

    Pico is completely free and open source, released under the MIT license.