Sculpin is a static site generator written in PHP.

Sculpin converts Markdown files, Twig templates and standard HTML into a static HTML site that can be easily deployed.

Why Sculpin?

  • PHP static site generator.

    Fast and easy to get started. If your language of choice is PHP, you'll feel right at home if you need to extend Sculpin.

  • Embedded Composer.

    Forget about managing library versions manually! Sculpin embeds Composer to keep your source control focused and projects consistent.

  • Twig templates.

    Twig is a full-featured modern template engine. It's simple to learn and it is extensible, documented, concise and flexible.

  • Symfony's HTTP Kernel.

    Sculpin is built on it. This lets you use Symfony Bundles to extend Sculpin for any advanced functionality you need without extending Sculpin directly.