Sitecake is a Simple Drag&Drop CMS for your HTML website.

Bootstrap Themes, Foundation Templates, HTML5 Boilerplate, all supported!

Sitecake is an easy to use CMS (Content Managament System) for small websites, with a WYSIWYG drag&drop editor.

A standard web hosting packet (a web server and PHP 5.4+) is all you need to install and use it.

Sitecake is for small business and personal web sites, landing pages, profile pages and for web sites that have few, simply organized pages.

Sitecake consists of two parts

  • Sitecake Editor, that manages your page in the browser

  • Sitecake, a CMS that runs on the server side and that saves content, manages files, etc.


  • Drag & drop everything

    Drag & drop items from your desktop, other browser window, YouTube, Google maps, Twitter, ... It will work.

  • Works with plain HTML

    Sitecake reads, modifies and saves changes in regular HTML files. No PHP or template language knowledge required.

  • No database needed

    All changes are saved directly in HTML page, all images in file system. Once you finish editing you still have a static website.

  • Opensource

    We would love people to use, improve, build upon, expand and earn with Sitecake.