Stacey is a rocket fast, lightweight, flat file CMS for PHP.

Sphido is deathly simple, ultra fast, flat file (Markdown, Latte, HTML, PHTML) CMS. Fully customizable.


  • Deathly simple

    Few lines of PHP code without dependency hell. Simple configuration and file structure. Easy to hacking, easy to change.

  • Markdown or HTML

    Use Markdown, HTML, PHTML or Latte whatever you need.

  • Latte templates

    Free your creativity with Latte templating engine. You can have custom templates for each page.

  • Blazing fast

    Sphido is blazing fast flat files CMS. Reaches speeds around 30 milliseconds per request (with cache enabled on PHP 5.6).

  • Extensible

    Sphido is easily extensible. You can add your custom function to functions.php or add routes handler to index.php.

  • Free and Open

    Sphido is open source under BSD-3-Clause license