Wintersmith is a flexible, minimalistic, multi-platform static site generator built on top of node.js.


Wintersmith tries not to put any limitations on how you work with your content. You can transform it using plugins and structure it as you please.

No special directories or odd metadatafiles, just a directory structure. This means that you can simply throw in your old hand-crafted static site or content from other generators.


Use your favorite templating engine, it comes bundled with a Jade plugin and there are community made plugins for most other node.js templating engines.

Wintersmith also ships with some handy site templates for building blogs & webapps.


No more fiddling around with WYSIWYG editors. Once you start using Markdown to author your content you'll never look back!

Wintersmith's markdown plugin allows you to use markdown as backing for all your sites content, not just blog posts.

More than blogging

Write web applications using the latest technologies without having to host your own node.js servers, or use it to increase speeds on large-scale sites.

Bundle JavaScript with Browserify, write reusable styles with LESS, SASS or Stylus, include reusable web components. Or write your own plugin using the API.

No matter what plugins you use, the output will always be a static website you can host anywhere.